Apr. 24th, 2009

The cat now has his own Twitter account. However, I can't get it to post to this LJ without overriding my own, so at the moment, he also has his own rss feed. If anybody knows a windows alternative to LoudTwitter, that'd be great. Strangely, the cat also has over 500 contacts already, so I'm not the only one whose grip on reality is tenuous.

The Society of Evil Geniuses also has its own Twitter account. Insert evil madman laughter here. Good lord, I'm turning into [profile] ioseph_locksley .

Mr. Z made it back from the vet yesterday with no ill effects. The strange lump on his head was apparently just one of those benign strange lumps that 104 year old geezers just make from time to time. However, he'll go back soon for kidney function tests to find out why he is losing weight. Me, I chalk it up to The Chef no longer cooking chickens for him to his specifications, but I'm not going to take chances with my love.



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