I found a little meme, the LJ Markov Random Text Generator, which mangles your blog like this:

Apparently only The Chef and I paid with a bagless vacuum with flames coming from reading Harry Potter. We lost his toenails, kinda hilarious, and control-Z in your tea: I spent a mangled Shakespeare reference and wooting. Bad news: It was eight hundred guys, and Obama -- I would be expected to whack myself into solar power, too.

In fact, it makes a fun new meme. Go run the LJ Markov Random Text Generator on your own LJ, and ADDING NO WORDS, only editing for punctuation and removing words and boring passages if you like, see if you can come up with something that amuses you. And post your best three sentences. Or not...

The entirety of the random text was entirely too close to the real journal entries for my taste. Maybe I'll just go to Rum and Monkey's auto-updater and save time from now on, LOL.
I guess I'm going to have to accept it. It makes no difference whatsoever that "impact" is a noun, and only an noun. Not a verb. Worse, "invite" is a verb, only a verb, and never never never never never never never never is, was, or ever will be a noun. But what I will have to accept is that creepy skin-crawl for the rest of my life, because people simply will use those words that way. Dorkfuckers.

edit: "Orientate" is not a word either. It's "orient." Back off, before I invent new epithets, insolent weasels!



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