Today, the brake calipers fell off. It was actually a pretty good day.

That's not sarcastic. I was on my way to my favorite Appalachian mountain run, and the brakes didn't fail there. How awesome is that? God loves me.

I am so annoyingly calm in a crisis. Suddenly, I have brakes that work like a clutch. Ho hum, I was bored anyway, and my day gets interesting! w00t!  Time for brake fluid! It's not like anybody on the east coast is gonna bother me while I'm under the hood, everybody here thinks people by the side of the road are Serial Killers. I'm free to work mah joojoo without the perpetual interruption of any pesky Good Samaritans, like I would out West. And the rain is useful for cleaning the gunk off the outside of the level marker. See? It's a damn good day already.

Euw. Still no brakes. My lovely Dot3 is now in the dotstreet and my brake is still a clutch. One call to AAA and some nice tow truck driver with a prosthetic ear comes to my rescue, and even takes me to the good mechanic. We have a fun conversation about owning cars you can actually work on yourself that get the same gas mileage as the new "efficient" models and how to replace annoying automatic transmissions with custom manuals. I have to remember to speak up, because he can't hear me too well...

With my car on the rack, sweet Mr. Nom says "is your caliper. Is falling out of alignment." Doood.  I can see it's hanging off the rotor, and I can't tell by what. That was the funniest fucking thing in the world. I would have paid for tape of that. What the hell made the car stop? Damn, I gots some mad powers. I make this car go with my brain. I stop it with my mind, because sure as hell it wasn't anything inside this wheel..

Well, I guess I paid, but I didn't get tape. Still, the entertainment value was priceless. It's all in how you look at it, right?

See, the first thing on my to-do list every day is:

Not Dead?

I checked that off twice today. :)

Thank you

Dec. 12th, 2006 11:30 pm
Thanks to[info]katyakievskayafor knowing how to keep me warm. I love you.
Thanks to[info]bronx_baronessfor making my LJ account awesome.
Thanks to[personal profile] torin3and[info]simian_grudgefor solving my SCSI card problem!
Thanks to[info]tash_n_tailfor the splendiferous handkerchief project fit for an Empress. :)
Thanks to[info]vampirenovel25 for the Amazon ping (it's still a surprise!)--I wish you'd send me the link to your list, love. You need some cheer, and I think you deserve it.
I’ve found the Holiday Wishes project, and I think it’s wonderful. Some people are hesitant to post things they want for themselves, and ask for world peace. I think we can make a difference praying together and directing our intention and it will change the course of events and that’s great, but I’ve enjoyed how wonderful I’ve felt granting the wishes I could, and I feel cheated when there’s nothing on a list I can grant at all. It took me years to learn to “want” again after so long not being able to have anything at all, and it makes me feel worthy to be able to give to others. Make a list for yourself, dammit, so I can feel good, and so that others can too.

I think all my brothers should make a list, either here in LJ or on our email list.[info]stitchwitch had a system I think she should share with the brothers, because it’s hers, and because I completely forgot how it works.

My Holiday Wish List.

1. A 6”-8” boar tusk.
2. A 25-pin hole PCI (or PCIE) slot SCSI card. Thanks,[info]torin3 and[info]simian_grudge!
3. A paying job equivalent to Society for Creative Anachronism Mistress of Arts & Sciences or Khan of the Great Dark Horde. Not a joke wish—but for the love of toast, I don’t know any other way to word this one. If you’re really serious, I’ll email you my resume [ladycaviar at yahoo dot com]
4. Anything on my Amazon Wish list: My Wish List
5. A psychiatrist I can afford who understands me.
6. My student loans paid off.
7. Visit my website: Ladycaviar.Com. Entertain yourself by following all the links.
8. Tell me something you’d like to order from a CafePress store and maybe I’ll make it: Ladycaviar Fine Art. If you find something you like already there, get it for yourself. If you have a store, tell me, and if I really like your stuff, I might link to it to drive traffic to you. I already did with[info]etzchaiim's store Etz Chaiim Design.
9. I want to go to Siberia, Stalin be damned: view the cruise
10. Very soft vintage linen or silk white-on-white embroidered handkerchiefs (or dinner napkins), especially with an “R” monogram.

Cross posted to[info]greatdarkhordeand[info]holiday_wishes

mmmm, crack

Oct. 1st, 2006 12:06 am
I feel like a junkie. I have a new motherboard, new memory, a new video card, a new power source and I'm sure some other computer thingys -- and I'm whipping along at the speed of light. I may pass out any minute. Hell, I can use all my peripherals. It's better than Percocet, I tells ya. I almost feel like a real grownup... hurh hurh hurh I said peripherals in a sentence



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