I am so heartily tired of being sick. Fuck strep. You know, if I just didn't have that hobby of licking garbage can lids, right? What does one do at 4 am when one can't sleep? I know all the infomercials by heart now (Bare Escentuals is my favorite. And that vegetable chopper thingy, where those two people who clearly don't know each other pretend to be married and throw parties all the time which seem to need an incredible amount of finely chopped ingredients. All my parties ever needed was shitloads of beer and Doritos--little did I know how substandard I was.)

One can only make so many cat macros. Unless you're [personal profile] tetrabinary, who's insane. And next time I see Shuf, I'm gonna kick his ass for getting me in on the Pythonline beta test. That's the biggest time-suck since EverCrack. Good thing you can do it from bed, falling asleep on the laptop. I now have a new ultimate fantasy -- meeting John Cleese and having his baby. Ok, forget the baby part. Just the attempting. ;)

At this rate, though, I'll fall asleep in the middle of it.

[profile] bronx_baroness, I made that thinking of you. :)



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