I had this great post all written out about the Russian Mafia delivering my belongings a week ago at 11 pm. But since we didn't have the DSL hooked up by that point and I was hacking the neighbors again for internet in the middle of the night, LJ kept dropping my post and I finally gave up. It would have been way cooler if I could have posted this discussion before the election, but oh well.

strange prelude )

 At one point, out of the blue, Sergei turns to me and says, "Who you think win the election?"
"Uh," I said carefully, thinking I'm standing in a dark container with an insane man throwing boxes, "who do you want?"
"Oh, McCain." He said it Mi-Ky-Een. "He like Bush. Obama always want to have conversation. He want to talk before do. McCain, BAM! He do. Like Bush. Bush BAM! He do. Is good leader. Is good for America. Obama, not so much."

So there you have a post-Soviet Russian immigrant take. I'm not so anti-conversation myself, but YMMV.



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