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Mr. Z has walked on the keyboard, insisting that I pay attention to him and not the vile computer. His mad seduction skillz extend to gay men as well, entrancing them as he shows them the Rich Corinthian Leather of his metaphorical Chrysler LeBaron. I’m not surprised. I’ve always imagined him as the cat equivalent of an old-school “confirmed bachelor” (you know, the kind that prefers musical theater), complaining that the children are touching his antiques and actually walking on his prized Aubussons. ("Doris! Do something! Make them stop! Mao! Mao!")

I better curl up with my ancient eunuch companion and keep him warm before he flicks the g key off the keyboard again and sends weird emails god-knows-where.

Driving across the mountains of the South, literally the "purple mountains majesty," is one of the most transcendental meditations -- the swing of finding the perfect radius on the turns, the dance of gear to hill for just the right roller coaster ride, a kinetic trance space beyond care and tension that brings a tranquility amid some of the most beautiful scenery in North America --

unless you happen to have the Most Unhappy Cat In The World riding shotgun with you, in which case, it's not tranquil at all.
The cat's part in all this )

So other than that, did you know that there is a congressman named Zack Wamp running for re-election in Tennessee? I saw all those billboards, and the Star Wars geek in me wondered if he calls his supporters "wamp rats." Guess not.



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